How to do everything with 3 small kids while working!

55% of Young Adult books are bought by people 30-44. Hey! I’m one of those people!  And I am freaking awesome!

WHERE ARE MY PEOPLE AT? (Is it you I’m looking for?)

I write Superhero YA about girls, people of color and boys.

I make horror films about how scary life is.

And I write terrifying supernatural action adventure films. My current film in development is Trick or Treat – Who’ll feeds the goblins when granny goes in a home? 

The thing I hear the most from pretentious male writers is “That’s very visceral and scary, I sort of thought all pretty, plump women wrote Rom Com’s.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be out there, reading this and thinking she should run a game for me, or have coffee with me, or rail at how hard it is to be cool and perfect and an adult while loving myself under 1,800 calories a day.

COME BE MY FRIEND? (An endorsement)

My friends say I’m “friendly, upbeat, and I like to take people on adventures”.

These things are all very true. So here at my blog I’ll be taking you on an ADVENTURE, while I take a HUGE RISK by showing you who I am and WE WILL HAVE FUN! Because I like joy and I’m sick of being a silent majority(?).

Join My News Letter for info on my film and book releases, being in an Evil Club and to win fabulous prizes.


Q: So how do I work and raise babies and am this fabulous?

A: As you read my blog I will be unlocking that secret in 700 easy to follow steps.

Step One: My husband and I are one heck of a Soccer Mom.


See the picture? That’s my little Prince Charming, kneeling in the wet grass because we forgot chairs. See how he’s not wearing a coat? See how he’s shoveling down square pretzels (because we’re fancy)? My husband’s not pictured because he’s hunting the cracks of the car hoping the goldfish crackers who’ve set up a society between the back seats might have a rubber band he can barter for, to keep my eldest daughter the Diva of Evi’s hair in a ponytail. We’re told by her coach she’s a much better player when she can see.


On the flip side, I have a new Vulpix, my Itty Bitty Toddler – the Woad Warrior’s rocking potty training, you can tell by the way she just ran outside to greet the neighbors bare from the waist down (BUT DRY!), and this dinosaur lives in my neighborhood and enjoys square pretzels because they’re fancy.


TELL ME: What’s The Scariest Thing You’ve Seen In Your Neighborhood? (Is It You?)

Next stop: Scaring My Husband with Ouiji Board’s & My Television Appearance with The Oregon Ghost Hunters. 


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