Be My NaNoWriMo Buddy!?! And an excerpt from the Second Tainted Novel: Guardians of Hope


Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Come be my buddy!

I’m isolated in my house with three six babies (6,4,2) and could use a connection with the outside world this week. Shimmer & Shine isn’t cutting it, though Blaze of Blaze and the Monster Machine’s is starting to look good to me as trucks go. A fine truck and an upstanding citizen.

Come play with me Nano’s: QueenElisa


Check Out a sneak peek at my latest novel Guardians of Hope here:

As Tansy pulled up to Yamato’s street he craned his head to see who the lights and sirens were for.  An ambulance was waiting along the curb and police men were scouring the area.  He watched two of them hike up the stairs and into his house, carrying plastic bags and kits.  To his horror officers shoved his father out, hands handcuffed behind his back, blood flecked across his shirt.

Yamato was sprinting out of the car.  Tansy on his heels.

He had the good sense to turn back.  “You can’t go up.”  He told her.  Then rushed the stairs two at a time.

“I’ll call the team.”  She called after him.  She wanted to go, it warred within her, she needed to be with him when he found out whatever horrible thing had happened to cause the blood spray, but she knew things were different with his family so she held back.  Pulling out her phone she shot off a team text.

Inside the apartment the cops wouldn’t let Yamato in.  His mother’s face was bloody from the beating Mr. Tenaka had given her and she ranted softly in Japanese. The officers, white and black stared dumbly at each other not sure what to do for her or how to proceed when she was so animatedly upset.

“I’m her son!  I can speak to her.”  He insisted and the police line relented, letting him in.

Yamato hurried to her side.  She clung to him, sagging, no longer able to hold her own weight.

“What do you want me to tell them?” He asked in Japanese, knowing she wouldn’t let them arrest her father. It must have been a neighbor who had called and the noise must have been bad. His mother was very skilled at being quiet while he beat her, they all had learned to be, least the police come. They could not afford to have Mr. Tenaka in jail or the shame that came from Uncle Lu having to bail him out and pay his lawyers. They had learned to silently endure. So what had happened here?

Yamato’s eyes scanned the room, now aware his brother wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  Oh god had they taken Niko into child services? This was the ultimate fear.

“It has taken him.” She gasped in heavy sobs.

“Niko!”  He lowered his face to see her eyes.

She nodded sobbing.

Lowering her into a chair he rushed to his bedroom, the police on his heels.

“What did she say?”  They asked.

His bedroom was cold. Wind ruffled the papers on Niko’s desk, everything spread out as if he had just been coloring. Had Niko opened the window or had Yamato left it open?  Surely Niko had closed it after Yamato snuck out to go to team practice.

He should have been here.

He moved to the sill. It was dirty with mud and river water seeped into the carpet.

“She says someone has taken my little brother.”  Yamato told them, his blood chilled to ice.

“That makes six.”  He heard the black policeman curse behind him.

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