Do good get $35’s today!

green-sea-turtle-1500x879This deal is too good to pass up, so I had to drop a note here. My husband and I have been really worried after the election about the state of the world, and in this case it’s about Global Warming and our national parks and preserving animal life on this planet.

Every year around Christmas time I wish we were able to give money to great organizations and I struggle finding the balance between wanting that and also all the pulls that come with the holidays so….

This deal seems ideal. Much thanks to Likeacoupon.com!

If you make a $25 donation to the Nature Conservancy as a new member on Swagbucks today 11/30/2016, Swagbucks will give you enough points to redeem for a $35 Amazon gift card, or Target, or Wallmart, or Starbucks or Paypal Cash. (Keep in mind it takes 3 days for those points to become active)

  1. Register for Swagbucks here.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. Find the offer for “The Nature Conservancy & Earn 2800 SB”
  4. Done!

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