The Last 43 Minutes in Vegas

Sunday night my husband and I flew to Vegas for a conference. He was going to learn all about the wonders of Amazon and I was going to:

1)Hit my NaNoWriMo Goal of 50,000 words on my sequel to Tainted.

2) Work on my blog, adding lots of fantastic cool new stuff!

3) Organize my on line media marketing so people could find me and discover that I am awesome and they should totally read my books and see my films and support women in media!

4) Plan out the next year in my bullet journal in multi-colored pens.

5) Wake up refreshed and do aqua aerobics in the pool.

6) And probably bake a cake or something out of the hotels meager rations.

What I did do…


I did finish my 50,000 word goal, but instead of doing it before midnight on the last day of November, I went out with my husband to dinner, and finished it in the morning, despite the fact that the #NaNoWriMo website now says 370 words was all you needed to WIN! (While it was the healthy choice, this kind of kills me)

I slept in. Till 9am. I went to bed at 1 am if I wanted to and then slept 8 hours. I fought off a cold and lost, so I went back to bed when I needed to lie down. No one was here, no one cared.

I had sex. Yay sex! …and no one had to leave the shower to turn on another round of Bubble Guppies, no one had to shove all the laundry baskets against the bedroom door and when the barricade didn’t hold jump up excited to be of service as if sex didn’t exist, or answer their well meaning FIL’s questions as he “just stopped by” to fix something that did in fact really need fixing, or fend off cute little furry puppy faces that wanted a kiss too and had somehow managed to work together to push open the bedroom door again, because their crafty like that, even without thumbs.

I made and drank Shakeology twice a day with the blender and soy milk and almond milk packets I brought. I felt great and then went to dinner in the evening at tapas and Dim Sum and once Italian food but it was also super weird. When I needed a writing break I would wander down to the little store at the bottom of our non-casino hotel and peruse the stacks looking for something to buy and come back up with free coffee or that one yogurt that is still in the fridge… and that I hope room service eats while recycling our cans that we so thoughtfully left tied together for this purpose, because we’re from the West Coast and feel really guilty about those things getting tossed, even if it is Sin City. Ideally, the maid service will be drinking the half bottle of cheap but tasty white wine we left behind, and spooning down some delicious peach Greek yogurt for extra energy when she washes the dishes I left. I like to imagine this is what’s happening.

I did try the pool once, but– and this fact does not compute in my brain, it’s freezing in Vegas, and the pool is outside, which is beyond brisk.

I gambled. I am and was a horrible gambler. I lost about $20 the first night on Black Jack and Poker and then gambled $5 the next night that turned into $23 in Black Jack and while it was kind of fun, it’s 22 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS & HANUKKAH, so the whole time I was thinking –

shimmer and shine.jpeg

“Ack that’s a Shimmer and Shine Slumber Party Set so the dealer better bust.”

And because the spiritual place that I come from suggests that what you put out is what you get back, I am a horrible gambler because my affirmations are like – “Only lose twenty dollars.” as I cross my fingers.

What was actually way more fun was catching desert dwelling Pokemon because we live in a water based place and so everywhere we went were amazing new things we barely had seen: Manchops, Mankey’s, Growlithes, oh my and a few (2) Pikachu in one day.

But I did spend time with my husband (alone) which was lovely and novel, we did watch movies (Money Monster which was eh & War Dogs which was nicely written and amusing and awful in the best of ways “Heh-heeh”). I came to like and also dislike Jonah Hill a lot more.  I did read V is for Villain which was kind of like Sky High and YA, and I did reread #Twilight because Edward and Bella for pages and pages of angst.

What I discovered was that being an adult mom means letting go of my 20-Something self-expectations and embracing the here and now. Even without children on this trip, I’ve changed and while I still don’t feel settled, I can’t wait to see the Itty Bitties and I can’t wait to finish my novel, and put Christmas decorations up, and kiss the doggies, and get the Diva off to a birthday party and the Sherwood Winter Girl Scout Parade and paint holiday presents and cook a turkey this weekend because I am still, alas, as always… me.







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