Ghost Hunts & Bonfires!

When Steven Sroba friend to Aaron Collins of the Paranormal Crossings television show, invited us at Evil Club Productions to prescreen BEK at the Oregon Ghost Convention, we had no idea how much fun it would be.


Aaron had invited me as the director of BEK, along with my lead actress, the glamorous


Augustina Elizabeth to talk about BEK during his Halloween episode. Later we learned The Oregon Ghost Conference, three full days of information, readings, paranormal research, was hosting their very first film festival. We were lucky to have Steven Sroba shepherd us through the process of getting BEK to the theater.


If you’re not familiar with Seaside Oregon, it’s a happening place during Spring Break, despite the rain or maybe just to spite it. It hosts a panoramic boulevard along the beach for strolls, delicious seafood restaurants, and apparently bonfires at night where you can cuddle up and listen to real live ghost stories to terrify and tantalize. How fun is that?

The convention itself is small but growing, with a nominal $5 entrance fee to see speakers and all kinds of ghostly shopping as well as entrance to the film festival.

We’re excited to see how much it will grow by next year, where we hope to screen all ten episodes in a row of: The Things We Bury Web Series.

You might even get a book reading by the horror master E. Michael Lewis, if we play our cards right.

As someone who’s mother took her to psychic readings I was shocked to see how many readings there were at the convention and how inexpensive they were. Many were $10’s for tarot or palm. Next year I’m bringing cash. Even sweeter was the $5 reading for kids. I wished in that moment I’d brought mine.

Our prescreening of BEK went off without a hitch, it was missing some fx’s and still needs its sound track but it was fantastic to hear the audience worry and gasp as the movie grows darker. Unlike Darlings there isn’t humor in BEK so it was odd waiting for some instant confirmation that people were getting it, with a good laugh, but also so educational.

Afterwards we had an amazing lunch with fried salmon, cod, clams, scallops, shrimp and oysters at Doogers Grill. It was so good that I’m dying to go back. So if you know a good fried oyster place locally, help a girl out?

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