Why I love Girl Scouts and You Should Too

This morning I got an email from the Portland Girl Scout office asking if they could meet with me to coordinate a screenwriting class for middle school and high school girls in our area. After meeting with them Friday, I came away just more in love with this organization that is empowering our next generation of women.

I got into the top three screenwriting grad schools but was only one of eight women in my program, when I went to school. In the film industry we women are severely under represented. Which means if you’re female you’re not going to see your experience in media, you might see glimmers of it here and there, but more likely you’re going to see expectations of what women should be, ideas like thin, young and sexually attractive. Nothing wrong with any of that, but what happens when we no longer fit one of these molds? Or never fit one? What happens when we have children or age? We go from desperately wanting to be that princess on the pedestal to dire invisibility.


A fascinating thing is happening in media. Access. Suddenly anyone with a camera, even a phone camera can make media, put it up on the web and share their vision. The world is suddenly exploding with ideas and instead of gatekeepers mediamakers must learn to be seen in the crowd. Not easy.


This generation of girls have the ability to make the media that resonates with them and that speaks to their friends.

What girl scouts asks of us is to stand up for these girls. Do you know something? Can you pass on your wisdom through travails and mentor a stronger generation of women?

It’s insane that we represent half the population and yet are so rarely seen or heard.

If I have the opportunity to expand the horizons of girls who want what I want how fantastic that I can help them climb further up the ladder and control their own vision of self.

Chew on that while out pull your thin mints out of the freezer.  Your five dollars in an investment in the future…and delicious.


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