When I asked my friends why they liked me the thing they said the most was that when they were with me, I was with them. They felt special, like they were the only thing in the world.  A close second was I am a great ambassador for the crazy adventure.

I haven’t figured out yet how to use my blog to “be with you and just you” yet but I take great courage from the idea that there are 1, 000 true fans out there and if I can find them then I’m set.

If you’re not one of them than this probably isn’t for you.

I am friendly, I’m loving, I believe in what you put out there comes back to you, and I believe in personal growth as an ongoing way of life.


I grew up in Ballard, in the heart of Seattle. It’s a little Norwegian- American community. This lead me to two weeks every summer at Norwegian language camp, dancing at the Seattle Center in my Norwegian heritage costume and the ability to laugh at every joke.

When my mother remarried I spent some time going to school in Lynwood, Wa., and Omaru, New Zealand before we settled down in Renton, Washington.

I went to the Evergreen State College, mainly because my best friend was going initially, and ended up loving it, with a few small exceptions (see my post on dyslexia). After graduation, I was accepted at the top three film school’s in the country and chose USC to be my home for the next two years while I completed my Masters in Screenwriting. There were 33 people in my class, six of us were women. My most famous classmate is the Showrunner for Fear The Walking Dead.


Six months after graduation I could no longer walk. Injured in a car accident on the way home from Christmas with our families, my boyfriend and I hit a deer with his convertible and that was it. I had a massive head injury, sever PTSD (arguably I’d had it for much longer), and damage to my back and neck. I exhausted my medical insurance and moved home to see a specialist, when even my chiropractor, Doctor Cocaine, I kid you not, couldn’t help my recovery any further.

The kindest thing I can remember during that time was when in a head injury induced panic attack I was hyperventilating in my car because I could not parallel park it, and a stranger stopped to ask if he could park my car for me. I got out and let him. He parked my car, accepted my tearful thanks, and went on his way. Thank you nameless USC dude.

Years later, finally healed, I moved back to Los Angeles and within six months was hit by a likely drunk or asleep at the wheel driver, who shoved the trunk of my four door car into my drivers seat, spun my car around and pushed me down the freeway, my car spewing Majjong tiles and Lord of the Rings board game pieces. Those Hobits were never going to get to Isengard after that. By the end of that weekend I was hit again when a car drove through a red light and hit the car I was riding in.Yet again I was forced to move back to my parents home to the care of a specialist.


More than a year later I returned to Los Angeles and wrote a Table Top/LARP game called Renaissance Saga. I got married. We got two half lab-half Cocker Spaniel dogs and a condo and I went back to writing screenplays. But then I wanted babies. So I wrote, I went to writing workshops, met with my critique group, got a manager, Bettina Viviano at Accelerate Media, got paid to write the horror script Cargo, adapted from writing partners short film and realized that we had to move home if I was ever going to be able to work and have tiny children. It was our families best shot and also we thought a great career move for my husband. This waits to be scene.


We chose to move to my husband’s home state of Oregon. We have a lovely house, our dogs, a yard, a garden and three wonderful babies, a girl, a boy, and a girl and are half a mile from my in laws, our child support network. We have one too few bedrooms and should move but haven’t for many, many reasons. Currently, I have an office, but two months ago it was the babies room, before that it was my office, before that it was the babies room, I have my suspicions about what it will be soon.

My mentor suggested I make a proof of concept of my television pilot and so we founded Evil Club Productions and shot four days of trailer for Tainted an amazing project, that mostly took place in the dark, outside. Surprise! That’s hard to film. Our proof of concept turned out amazing though.


Living away from Hollywood, the best way to work is to make your own films. In the last three years I made my short film Darlings, had a baby (The Woad Warrior), and finished production on my short film BEK, now in post production. While making Darlings I was also nursing a baby, taking breaks from directing scenes to feed her. Being a girl in film world is very, very hard.

Next years goal is to make our feature film Trick or Treat.


Novel writing has always been my passion, and I have hopefully enjoyed writing my YA supernatural-superhero novel Tainted as much as you’ll enjoy reading it. Random House says it’s “a cool book”. Right now it’s on various people’s desks being read. My fondest wish is that it will be on yours soon too.


Three days a week. Two nights a week with my writing partner E. Michael Lewis over Skype. I attend various evening meetings, many through Willamette Writers and sometimes I attend critique groups on weeknights and weekends.

I’m also the primary kin keeper and chatelaine for our busy boisterous life. My husband and I are learning how to co-parent and to balance the domestic side of life while we both work too much for the betterment of the world.


Yup. I lead an amazing troop of little girls scouts, The Daisy’s.